We are…

  • the IT Innovation unit of ALDI SOUTH.
  • your access point to one of the largest retail companies worldwide.

Our task is to…

  • identify innovative solutions.
  • collaborate with startups developing prototypes and minimum-viable products (MVPs),
  • and, ideally, scale them throughout the ALDI SOUTH Group.

We are looking for…

  • innovative technology and solutions,
  • startups that are ready to test their solutions in real-world environments,
  • technology solutions in our current focus areas.

We offer you…

  • access to more than 6,500 stores around the globe (Europe, America, Asia, Australia).
  • the capacity to test your technology solutions quickly with real users under real-world conditions.
  • a designated contact person and project manager from the very beginning
    (we are always at your side).
  • the opportunity to scale your solution throughout ALDI SOUTH Group.

Our process



  • Initial response within one week
  • Selection process

Build, measure, learn

Build, measure, learn

  • Collaborative development of a prototype or MVP
  • Pilot in a real-world scenario

Scale and partner

Scale and partner

  • Launch and integration into the ALDI system landscape
  • Extending the partnership

Our current focus

Computer Vision-Based Product Recognition

  • Application of Machine Learning/AI and Computer Vision to the brick and mortar retail context
  • Solutions to identify our products based on visual information only
  • Includes applications of recognition of barcodes, QR-codes,  labels, language, 3D objects
  • Creation of digital product models and similar digital assets
  • Can be part of a customer facing service or app, such as displaying additional information to the customer or similar

Sensor-Based Item Monitoring in Stores

  • Real Time (near-real time) or intermittent monitoring of items stock levels inside our stores
  • Including solutions that provide reliable approximations (as opposed to 100% monitoring)
  • Solution should be scalable to thousands of stores without incurring prohibitive hardware costs
  • Equipping carts, shelves, aisles, ceilings or other store furniture/hardware with sensors. Alternatively, use of handheld devices or robots
  • Using interconnected sensors, not reliant on POS data
  • Not based on RFID

Other Applications of AI/ML in retail

  • We are open to discuss your AI technology solutions for retail.

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